Chasing Sunrise

This Is Not
Your Average
Team Building


And That's
The Point.

Thank you so much for taking our team on one of the most incredible experiences we have ever had.
— Kit and Ace

People don't want another gimmicky retreat, only to be rushed back to the office and forget what they did hours later. 

They want real and memorable experiences, and we want to help you create something people will never forget. 

This is going to be a morning people will be buzzing about, talking about, sharing, and something that they will always remember.

Most importantly, this is an adventure that will bring your entire team closer together around your shared values, without even having to talk about them. 

CS x You?

Ivan Calderon -CS-Hut_Trip-100.jpg

The truth is, we're not a brand that wants to work with anyone and everyone, and we have little intention in one-off relationships.

Chasing Sunrise is not about a certain lifestyle, it is about life, and about taking on all the challenges that come with it. That's likely why you You're here - because you are not the type of team to hit snooze on life, to not only look back on your careers with 0 regret, but to look back on life with genuine pride.




We have a formula that can be applied to different settings. Let's pick an experience together that your team will love.

No matter what we do, Chasing Sunrise will take care of key elements to ensure high engagement, safety, and that the essence gets captured. All you have to do is show up.

What's always included?

  • Logistics: organizing event mapping, route planning, weather plans, and event timeline.
  • Pre-Event Engagement: helping you get your people pumped up and engaged prior to the event. 
  • Sign-up & Info Pages: creating custom sign-up, info pages, and FAQs, making sure your entire team knows what to expect.
  • The Chase or Adventure: a team of 3 from CS (minimum) will lead your team out into the wild and back.
  • Experience design: working with you to design an experience that your team will not forget. Oh, and hard-earned, mountain-top coffee, pie, and fresh fruit are on us!
  • Photography: Major Key. A professional photographer, a custom shot list, and 50+ edited digital photographs that capture your team and the experience.
  • Post-Event Engagement: the event doesn't stop at the parking lot. Post-event engagement email, a hosted photo gallery that your team can share to friends and family.

Step 1. Pick an Experience

Canada Day CS - Kiefer.jpg

Chasing Sunrise

Inspiring, close to home, done before 9am, anyone can do it,  and huge impact on everyone in the best way possible.

Picture every member of your team meeting together in the dark, hours before dawn, nervous and excited, doing something they have never done before.

This is an experience that is just like the mission you're all on together: the summit and impact is guaranteed to be incredible, but it doesn't come easy, it has to be earned by everyone, and spending time going through the fire together is where the magic happens... the end-game (sunrise in this case), if it happens to appear, takes care of itself.



Mystery Adventure

The excitement will be tangible: your whole team, unified around uncertainty, only given ameeting point, at a strange hour, a gear list.

No one knows what they are doing or where they are going, but we've planned an experience that will take their breath away. 

We use our formula and core elements to bring the team closer together. Whether we get everyone in wetsuits and take them to a glacial lake, put them on a ferry and hike them up for the greatest sunset they have ever seen, or take them into the woods for a surprise concert, this will be something no one will ever forget. 


Half-day, FUll-Day, or Overnight Retreat

Using a Chasing Sunrise or a Mystery Adventure as a base, let's take your team deeper: deeper into experiencing what it feels like to be truly alive, and deeper into their bonds as a team.

If your team isn't stoked to spend a half-day, full-day or over-night together in a beautiful place, you don't have a team, you have people who work together.  

Fortunately we work with some of the best consultants in the city who can coach a group of people who "work together" into a team, or bring an amazing team even closer together. 


Step 2. Select Your Add-On's


Video / Drone Footage & Edit

Video Footage:  If a picture can worth 1,000 words, then a video of your Chasing Sunrise experience is priceless.
Drone Footage (or VR): It's one thing to see it from the ground, but a whole other to get a birds eye view.


Carpooling always works, but getting on a bus with zero worries is also a great experience point, decreases complexity. We can arrange everything around pick-up and drop off in any style: school bus for nostalgic punch, or black vans for a mystery/elite vibe.

Food & Snacks

This should almost be mandatory: the quality of connection that happens over food together is incredible. We can source ingredients and bring a chef along for the ride.

Pro Facilitation

We have a few stars on our team who can rally your team closer together around your business needs, areas for improvement, strengthening commnication or your company's overarchiing goals.

Step 3. Let's Chat & Rap Ideas

Let us buy you lunch or a coffee, answer any questions you may have, and start creating an experience together that no one will regret.