Chasing Sunrise

We Have
A Dream:


A World Where Everyone
Wakes Up & Chases Theirs.



170319_Joffre Lakes_MR_9196.jpg

There is something powerful about people coming together,
Earning an Experience, letting their walls down,
sharing food, sharing adventure,
creating memories.

Where Creating

Isn't About Likes...



It's About


Happens Every, Single,

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This Is
Sunday School:


3 months ago this was all a dream :

Could we ambitiously throw 52 events in 52 weeks and create a cohesive, highly engaged, self-propagating community?


And we haven't even turned on the taps yet:
Not a single email to our list.
Just a notification in 1 local Facebook group and word of mouth.


Since January 3rd we've had:

  • 12 unique adventures.

  • > 400 total signups

  • 49% (and increasing) return rate.

  • 57% Female turnout

  • 43% Male turnout

  • Average age of 28

  • Without exaggeration: Some of the best Sundays of our lives.


Every.single.week. Chasing Sunrise executes a unique adventure and opens it to the community. 


Time and again, the thousands of people who love what we do, told us they were craving more adventures, real community, real connection. We committed to giving them that, and they've responded.


Sunday is the day (some deviation) and everyone knows it. But what they don't know exactly what we're doing until Thursday each week.
This creates a lot of buzz, attention and allows us to make changes on the fly for weather, or for customize an experience with partners.


We take care of almost* everything:

We create the event, plan, promote, lead, and capture banger content.

We put an expectation on the community to #MakeItCount and they rise to the occasion in big ways, making snacks for everyone, keeping each other safe and bringing the stoke to make the event consistently memorable every time.


By doing this we've created a highly engaged community, 
based on something money can't just buy:


And we want you there with us.




Anyone can take pretty pictures. This is about so much more.

Social Influencers
Professional Content
Brand Experience

On the front end, this is a fun experience that people can't get anywhere else. On the back end it's a high-trust environment where people and brands come together and bring their best to the table to make each other's lives better.
Every. Single. Week.


It's Simple: 

Bring People Together

Blow People's Minds

Capture Exceptional Content to Share



So... Let's Adventure.


The Give [every week]

  • A designed experience: We will work with you to make an experience that people will never forget, and can't help but share by word of mouth and on social.
  • Social inclusion: You'll be alongside us (tagged and mentioned where appropriate) at the forefront in social and email communication.
  • Content capture: This is the new studio. You recieve a set of 5-10 professional photographs to use on your channels, and shots of your product will be included in the social galleries we share.
  • A post-event analysis: let's see what worked, what could be better and continually strive to have a great impact via creating a genuine experience.
  • Let's convert (sales): work with you to intelligently yet seamlessly make it both compelling and easy for people to buy from you: never forced, only if they want it, and seamless. Gift cards, discount codes or an in-store experience to let people spend on a brand they care even more about.

Ways We Can Play

Each option has a suggested minimum, but the sky is the limit - our commitment is that more contribution will equal more creativity, a richer experience and more impact.



A One-Off experience.

A first-adventure-Date

Unique benefit:

  • Let's get creative and blow some minds. No commitment, high impact for one experience.


  • A min. contribution of $1500/Sunday for to help us make them come to life
    (Target is 50/50 combination of cash and product. Variable based on what makes the most sense)
  • The sky is the limit - our commitment is that more contribution will equal more creativity, a richer experience and more impact.


Adventure Buddies. 

Let's hang every so often. 1 / month for 3 months 

Unique benefit:

  • We both know this is a great fit - you start to become a familiar face, we learn your style for content, and how to best thread you into the experience. Everyone starts to fall in love with you.


  • A contribution of $1000 for each event to help make them come to life. 
    (Target is 50/50 combination of cash and product, variable based on what makes the most sense)
Whole Foods

Whole Foods

Join The Crew. 

Squad. Every Sunday for 3 - 12 months

Unique benefit:

  • High-Trust and consistent brand familiarity = The two big
    L-words: Love + Loyalty. 

    You are a staple in the eyes of everyone who attends, you help them live life every week and they'll never forget it.


  • A minimum contribution of $500/week to help make them come to life. 
    (Target is 50/50 combination of cash and product, variable based on what makes the most sense)

Ways to be Be Involved:
Here are some areas that go into each week. 

Monetary Support: 

Goes towards hard costs and paying exceptional people to bring safety, energy, and creativity to these experiences.

Gear / Rentals:

49% of people have never been where we take them
We literally create active and outdoorsy people, but getting out there requires being prepared for the elements. 

Providing Experiences:

With >52 events in a year we will require access to unique spaces and places. 

Rides / Transportation:

38% Need a ride. We ask every week, and carpooling has become a core competency of the community,
but a bus, ride-share or gas money would be high impact and go a long way.

Snacks / Food:

Want people to fall in love with you? Feed them or provide us with a budget for snacks.

Bring Friends:

Great people know great people. If you have any partners you want to work with, let's invite them. If there are any partners you'd like us to bring on, just say the word and we will extend the invite. Let's get the best brands in the city/world playing together, raising the tide for all ships, and raising the bar for how brands interact with the world.