JULY 22ND 2017


We're running a rad outdoor experience bringing 50 people together for a day that brings all that Vancouver can offer together. We'll start in the mountains, hang in the water, and finally bring it back to the city – ending up at the Jansport Bonfire Session


On the corporate side

  • Jansport is targeting three cities to activate – Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. For each city, Jansport wants to create an experience that is brings together the community and represents what the people of that city are all about. And all while working with key partners and social activators to spread brand awareness
  • The goal of the experience is to create a sense of community amongst the guests and get them stoked about the experience – seeing Jansport as an enabler of both community and the experience.
  • To sum it up: rad people getting out, having fun, and experiencing life all enabled by Jansport.

On the social side

  • Creating engaging social content out throughout the day that will be used for a @Jansport day-of takeover.
  • Let @ChasingSunrise's and @Jansport's audiences know that Jansport is there for them and their adventures and is down to play with the communities that exist.

On the CONTENT side

  • Capture real-world engagements of Jansport backpacks throughout the experience.


Vancouver really has it all. From a mountains, to oceans, to a world-class city – it's an endless playground of adventure.

For the Jansport Bonfire Sessions,  we're capitalizing on, leveraging what the city has got and bringing people together for an unforgettable west-coast experience.

The day will be focused around the three elements of mountain, water, and city:

For the Mountain element, we will be heading to the summit of Mount Stratchen, catching sunrise over the city.

For the Water element, we will be heading for a rad float session at Lion's Bay, catching some cliff jumps and some early afternoon summertime hangs.

For the City element, the whole crew will be meeting up at the Monte Clark Gallery for the Jansport Bonfire Session

More than just "doing the things", our goal is to breed interactions between the people involved – creating a sense of accomplishment and community, and an experience and bonds that far outlasts just the 18 hours.

Mt. Stratchan

Mt. Stratchan

Lions Bay

Lions Bay

Monte Clark Gallery

Monte Clark Gallery


4:45AM – Crew meets up in the Cypress Mountain parking lot, taking off at 5:00AM
5:30AM – Summit Mount Stratechen, hanging out, snacks, breakfast and morning activities until 7:00AM
7:45AM – Get back down to the parking lot, jump in cars, and go.
8:45AM – Link up for breakfast until 11:00AM
11:00AM – Head up to Lion's Bay
12:00PM – Arrive at Lion's Bay, float/hang out/nap until 3:30PM
3:30PM – Head back downtown, split up, get prepped to meet at the Monte Clary Gallery
7:00PM – Crew meets up at the Monte Clark Gallery, listening to rad jams at the bonfire sessions



  • 50 guests will chosen from the Chasing Sunrise community.
  • Jansport will be given the names and email address of all participants.
  • An open invite to the community will be given for the evening Bonfire Sessions.

Chasing Sunrise Representation

  • Chasing Sunrise will have at least 2 reps managing this event.


  • A draft of the Chasing Sunrise waiver can be found here.


Ivan Calderon - www.ivancalderonphotography.com / @icalderonphoto
Nick Zator - www.nickzator.com / @nickjzator