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We're living in a world that is more connected than ever, but time and time again, we hear it – people feel disconnected from what truly matters – from the brands they want to care about, from each other, and from the experiences they want to have.

Beyond the hype of social media, there is a simple truth unites every one of us – we all want to live good lives. We want to actually experience the things we are constantly "♥"ing on Instagram. We want to be the ones in the profile pictures, not just the ones liking them. We want to live those lives.


and we want to invite you to come along with us.




Let Them Live

Let's tap into what people are really craving from life,  
creating a space where people are out of their comfort zones, connecting with strangers in profound ways,
and experiencing what it means to Make It Count.

The Formula

It all starts with a bold call to adventure:
to engage in a weekend of adventure that no one expects, and no one will ever forget.

The event is a mystery.
The process is by nomination. 
30 will go. Thousands will be inspired.
 A designed experience that moves people:
The unknown, helicopters, sunrise summits, stoke, live music, glacial-lake-side huts, challenges, good food, deep chats and new best friends.
Oh, and content so good it inspires long beyond the circles that went.

The Goal

To provide a core crew of people with a groundbreaking experience in #MakingItCount.
To Inspire thousands across the country to get out and get after life.
To show people that adventure doesn't have to be far and foreign.
To create content so good that narrative inspires people well-beyond all the applicants.

To tie everyone back together with ongoing ways to engage with us (brands), and together as a growing community.  

This Is

#Huttrip 2016 was hugely successful: pulling in thousands of Applicants from across the country, and earning hundreds of thousands of views On Social.  

we're sending it again this year - But we're staying true to our community.



password: makeitcount



When it's not broken, You Still Tweak it:

Going all-in on the real impact.

Last year we ran a contest. We had thousands of entries. The people who came were changed forever. Everyone else? Inspired, but bummed. 

This year we are making it accessible to the loyal and engaged community members, while still creating great content to inspire the masses: All impact, no BS. 


The "Why"

  • To give back to the core community who show up every week and are building the genuine, organic reach we are earning
  • To strengthen or ignite both of our communities in these areas.
  • To create content so good it will spread both of our messages well beyond these events.
  • To show as many people as possible that real adventure doesn't have to be far, foreign or expensive.
  • To show the larger community how the barriers to getting out can be lowered.

The "What"

  • #HutTrip is an experience for the core community of Chasing Sunrise.    
  • 30 highly engaged people for, 3 days, 1 campground, endless adventure and 0 maybes.
  • The weekend-long "staycation" people really want: genuine connection, incredible places, and unique experiences they can't get anywhere else.

The "Where & When"

  • Brackendale BC, Tantalus Range
  • We've booked out the entire ACC Tantalus Hut from Thursday to Sunday, July 20th - 23rd
  • We will have flights, food, accommodations and stoke covered.
  • The rest of the weekend? That's the fun part: that's adventure.   
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What We'll Bring:

The community, the experience, the content creation, and the heavy lifting.

While this will be a team effort in many ways, but Chasing Sunrise will take care of the heavy lifting, the pre-and-post-event promotional strategy + execution, access to our community in a way that just makes sense, and helps them fall in love with you. 

Style & Promotion

  • Access to this engaged community  
  • Have a hand in event co-creation
  • Inclusion in media & promotion pre/post 

The Experience: Be There (and Beyond) WIth Us 

  • You amplify everyone's experience
  • Connect deeply with these communities
  • Stay connected to them with us afterwards

Content Creation 

  • A folder of professional photos just for you
  • You're included in the event videos
  • A post-event analysis & wrap-up package


On the front end, this is a fun experience that people can't get anywhere else. On the back end it's a high-trust environment where people and brands come together and bring their best to the table to make each other's lives better. 

Dreamboats @ Hut Trip 2016

Dreamboats @ Hut Trip 2016

Seair @ Hut Trip 2016

Seair @ Hut Trip 2016

Jansport @ Hut Trip 2016

Jansport @ Hut Trip 2016


Partner Up WIth Us To Make This Even Better:


  • Your brand is positioned as a core friend of CS and an enabler of this experience: throughout all relevant communication materials, in the production of the video, at the event, and in the pre-and post-event social media pushes.
  • A spot or two for your team members on the trip based on the level of contribution. (let's chat)
  • Collaboration with the CS team on the event experience, content creation, and the post-event engagement.
  • Social mentions on Instagram, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and Facebook. In a natural and clear way.
  • Professional product-focused shots from the event, as well as product inclusion in the video.
  • Customized post event partner recap package with social statistics, and analysis. 
  • Ability to provide promo code for direct, track-able sales.  


  • Like a community member, just be a rad friend and contribute what you can in these two areas:
    • Cash to help this come to life, and allow us to reduce the financial burden on the attendees!
    • Gear that makes good sense: so that we can give you a solid subjective marketing experience, and capture great content for you.



Making This Thrive.

THis is dead simple:

we've got a world class location.

We have Rad people. 

Let's work together to make the experience something you just can't get anywhere else.



  • If we can reduce cost for participants, them + you = <3.

Gear + Resources

  • Gear, giveaways, food, drinks, snacks for the participants and/or for the overall experience.


  • If you've got some ideas on how to increase the impact of content creation, experiences, want to bring other partners along to play just say the word.
Hut Trip Event Budget
Helicopters or Float Planes $7,200
Food & Beverage $2,200
Accomodations (the Hut) $1,750
Production & Media -On Us-
Event Management -On Us-
Total $11,150