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Creating an experience
No One will ever forget.



Thanks to technology we're living in a world that is more connected than ever, but time and time again, we hear it – people feel disconnected from what truly matters – from the companies and cities they to care about, from each other, and from the experiences they want to have.

Beyond the hype of social media, there is a simple truth unites every one of us – we all want to live good lives. We want to actually experience the things we are constantly "♥"ing on Instagram. We want to be the ones in the profile pictures, not just the ones liking them. 
We want to live those lives and we want to genuinely "share" those moments with other humans.


Let's break down the silos and bridge the gap between the city we live in, the talented teams living here and the unmatched beauty this city offers: 
Let's put Vancouver even more on the map, for all the right reasons.

This will be a Chasing Sunrise experience in partnership with Axiom Zen, bringing 50+ people together for a day that breaks down walls, connects people over raw conversation and leaves them feeling more connected.

We'll start damn early, in the city, and head into the mountains for an event steeped in mystery, and an earned-experience no one will forget. 



Let Them Live

Let's tap into what people are really craving from life,  
creating a space where people are out of their comfort zones, connecting with strangers in profound ways,
and experiencing what it means to Make It Count.

The Formula

It all starts with a bold call to adventure:
to engage in seemingly outrageous adventure that puts people out of their comfort zones and into a space where they are open to have a shift.

 1. Create an earned experience that pulls people out of their comfort zones.
2. Create a powerful space for connection that people rarely get to experience in their day-to-day.
3. Capture exceptional content and share it all back to the broader community: to reinforce the experience among attendees and inspire the masses.

The Goals

To remind everyone why we are all building technology in the first place: to improve quality of life, richness of experience and depth of connection.
To weave the social fabric of the tech-scene in Vancouver together through an immersive experience.
To position Axiom Zen and Chasing Sunrise as leaders in business, philosophy and community.   
To Inspire the broader community (with event-content) to get out and get after life.
To show that adventure doesn't have to be glamorous, far and foreign.
To create content so good that our shared narrative inspires people well-beyond all the participants.

To tie everyone back together with ongoing ways to engage with AZ, CS, and together as a growing community.  


The "Why"

  • Because unifying, and weaving together the talent in Vancouver lifts our entire city, makes us all shine brighter, puts us all on the map, and helps the world.
  • To bring Axiom Zen into the fold as a leader in our space who gets this and leads by example: making a statement, igniting community & attracting talent.
  • Because nobody wants to go to "just another conference".
  • To give back to the core community who pour their hearts into putting Vancouver technology and entrepreneurship on the map.
  • To remember why we are building technology and pursuing growth in the first place.
  • To create content so good it will spread our messages well beyond these events.
  • To show as many people as possible that real adventure doesn't have to be long, far, foreign or expensive.

The "What"

  • Everyone will meet in the dark, downtown, and be taken away by bus into the mountains.
  • This will be a curated but mysterious, "earned" experience where people get connected to themselves, to nature, to art, to the community around them and to the core reason we are building technology in the first place: quality of life and depth of connection with those around us.
  • People will be lightly challenged, just enough to make it all worth it.
  • We will engage participants in a raw collective discussion. 
  • We'll meet at 4:15am and and finish it all, arriving back in the city before 9am.
  • If we do it right, it will be an experience no one will forget.

The "Where & When"

  • Meetup Location / Bus Pickup: Downtown, location TBD
  • Time: ~4:15am - 9:00am
  • Date: Likely September 23rd.
  • Activity: Brief, easy, 15-30 minute hike to a secret location followed by hot breakfast (partner pending), live music and a fireside-chat where the discussion is focused on the group instead of a single person.
  • Content: We will have a professional photographer capture the morning (potential for videographer pending budget)
  • Costs: 
    • Bus & Transportation: ~$1500 *To be covered by Vancouver Startup Week (pending final confirmation)
    • Event operations and experience design: $4000
    • Breakfast: ~$6 per person
    • Live music: ~$500
    • Videography and Drone:  Negotiable!  

What We'll


The community connection, the experience, the content creation, and the heavy lifting.

While you're a key part of making this come to life, Chasing Sunrise will take care of all the heavy lifting, the pre-, during, and post-event promotional strategy + execution, content planning and capture. 


Style & Promotion

  • Consulting on / creation of pre-event copy and assets to ensure turnout and quality of branding.
  • Have a hand in event co-creation.
  • Content capture + event narrative and sharing.
  • Social: IG stories, IG/FB posting, or IG takeovers - let's rap about impact.

The Experience: Be There (and Beyond) WIth Us 

  • We will plan, and execute from tip to tail to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants
  • You amplify everyone's experience. 
  • Connect deeply with these communities.

Content Creation 

  • Our team threads you into the narrative or shoots fully custom content.
  • A folder of professional photos just for you.
  • Photography, Videography, Drone to be discussed!

Let's Do Something Different