Chasing Sunrise


MARCH 16 - 19


The Gist:

It's not often the auroras show up – let alone how they are predicting for the weekend. Across the country, the skies will be lighting up with auroras this weekend and the Chasing Sunrise crew wants to do what it does best – chase them.


The Plan:

Due to the short timeline, we've kept this pretty simple:

  • Take off Friday and head to Whitehorse.
  • Rent a car and adventure around the city, showcasing what Whitehorse has to offer.
  • Chase the auroras each night (fingers crossed that we catch them).
  • Head home Monday AM, knowing we left it all on the table, hopefully after one of the most spectacular light shows.

The Ask:

Because we're on a short timeline, the plan is pretty simple and we don't need much:

  • Flights – up to four round trip seats (we're hoping your team can cover this).
  • A place to stay (would love any intros to hotels or Explore Yukon)
  • Transportation (would love any intros to hotels or Explore Yukon)

The Give:

In return for helping make this happen, we'd love to deliver:

  • Daily content and updates about the trip that you can share with your community.
  • Daily content and updates about the trip that we will share to our community.
  • Take-over your Instagram during the trip, showcasing your airline, Whitehorse, and the adventure that awaits.
  • Deliver 3 to 5 photos per day about out experience (including auroras when we catch them).
  • Complete one blog post about what it's like to chase auroras that can be shared across your channels, as well as will be shared to the entire CS community.

A Little Taste:

The Why:

Some of the most amazing things happen without any of us realizing how accessible and easy it is to experience them. With the auroras being on so many people's bucketlists, we want to show that you don't need big ambitious plans to chase them. We want to showcase how easy it is to get to Whitehorse (a whole 2.5 hour flight) and how beautiful the north is.

We'll be sharing this with our community and the Vancouver community at large.