Coast To Coast:
Canada Day 150

This will be a Canada Day the world never forgets.
And we want you involved.

Last year, we brought over 800 people to the top of the mountain at 5AM to show Canada what we are all about.

This year, we are bringing that spirit from Coast To Coast for Canada's 150.

From first light in St. John's to the last sunrise in this country in Victoria, we're doing Canada Day like it's never been done before.

Check out last year's.


Stoked? Good.
Want to get involved? Even better.



1. A City Lead

  • The City Lead will be in charge of managing all aspects of the July 1st event for their city. This includes managing the 1 to 3 Support Staff, volunteers (as necessary), ensuring the event day lead is in place, and working with Chasing Sunrise to solidify the location, experience, digital assets, communication, and marketing.

2. City Support Staff

  • For each city we will be bringing on one to three City Support Staff. They will help the City Lead manage and execute on the event, both before and on the day of. Individual tasks and roles will depend on the City Support Staff's strengths and experience.

3. Event Day Lead

  • When rallying people, you always want one person to manage the energy of the group. Think of them as the crowd manager for the day. For each city/event, we will need an Event Day Lead who is responsible for managing the energy of the group, giving opening and closing speeches, and getting people pumped to be a part of this.

4. Photographer / Videographer / Storyteller

  • We can't have all this fun and not capture it. If you're a rad Photographer / Videographer / Storyteller, we'd love to chat.

5. Day-Of Volunteer

  • Day-Of Volunteers will be on the ground the day-of, helping the City Lead and City Support Staff making sure everyone and everything is taken care of.



1. A Location

  • We're looking for the best space in the city to bring together hundreds of people city at 5AM! If you have some spots in mind, let us know!

2. Local Sponsors

  • We love wrapping in local companies into everything we do. For each city, if there are local companies that fit the morning experience, we'd love to find ways to get them involved. Coffee, food, snacks, city vibes.



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