Canada 150+ Recap

Event Format

National engagement and promotion for the Canada 150+ Chasing Sunrise & MEC events

Key Objectives

Get as many Canadians across the country outdoors and participating in a unified, coast-to-coast event.

Increase brand awareness for MEC and Chasing Sunrise.

Reach extended audiences via social reach, aligned content and video views.

Target Audience

Canadians from coast-to-coast with focuses on major cities for both Chasing Sunrise and MEC. These include Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Victoria, Halifax and Edmonton

Key Messages

Good Times Outside – getting people of all ages to get outside, focused on the demographic of 19-35.

Let's Come Together – promoting coming together and unity through diversity and difference.

Respect – for each other and for nature.

Safety – getting everyone home safely

Key Highlights


How MEC was integrated into Canada150+

We spend a lot of time up front, earning people's trust with no BS, no sales pitches, and no gimmicks. We only work with brands that fit seamlessly into the lifestyle and experience we are promoting, and let people know that. Because of that, they let their walls down and buy into the brands we work with. They look to us for how to live the experiences they want, which naturally leads them to look to us for brands and products that fit into those experiences, and make them better.

With Canada 150+, we integrated the MEC brand seamlessly into the event through a variety of ways:


  • Social mentions
  • Mentions in email communications
  • Inclusion in branded videos


  • Inclusion of MEC staff in all major cities
  • MEC tattoos and products handed out to participants
  • MEC apparel worn by event leads in Vancouver
  • Shoutout to MEC in speeches in all cities

Content Creation

By Chasing Sunrise & MEC

Pre-Launch Video

(Notable) User-Generated Content

Wild and Found - Chasing Sunrise: Making Moments Count

By The Numbers


Total: 1805

St. John's: 50
Halifax: 58
Montreal: 57
Toronto: 125
Ottawa: 101
Edmonton: 57
Calgary: 33
Vancouver: 1,195 (64% of which had never been up Mt. Seymour)
Victoria: 129

Social Media


  • 554 Instagram posts on #chasingsunrise hashtag (July 1st)

  • 98 dark social posts (Insta-stories)

  • 84% of the #chasingsunrise media is geolocated

  • 90.3% posted from Canada

  • Biggest demographic was aged 25-34

Owned Media

  • 2,203 engagements + 4,218 video views
  • Promo Video:  4,218 views, 735 likes, 46 comments
  • Mountain top flag photo: 1,414 likes, 8 comments

Highlights & Quotes

  • Thanks for organizing everything. I’ll remember today forever. -@janellesaccucci

  • “Had an amazing time! I’ll be out again soon. Thanks for putting this together. It was unreal” -@danlamoureux

  • Thanks for organizing such an awesome event! Looking forward to coming out to more of these adventures” -@peopleplacesandyou


  • 7 Facebook events created

  • 4 videos shared (2 owned)

  • 1 FB album created

Promo Video:  150 Years, One Nation, One Sunrise

  • Reach: 20,121
  • Video views: 6,637
  • Engagement: 468 (376 reactions, 54 comments, 38 shares)
  • Top Audience: Women 25-34

MEC Video (shared twice in one week)

  • Reach: 12,152
  • Video Views: 2,764
  • Engagement: 267 (259 reactions, 8 comments)

Oh Canada Singing video

  • Reach: 13,454
  • Video Views: 3,400
  • Engagement: 204 (181 reactions, 9 comments, 14 shares)


TRADITIONAL Media Mentions

CBC – Hundreds watch Canada Day sunrise from Mount Seymour
West Ender – Chasing Sunrise Plans Epic Coast-To-Coast Canada Day Hike at Dawn
The Georgia Straight – Hundreds of Hikers Expected To "Chase Sunrise" This Canada Day at Mount Seymour
North Shore News – Over 800 Hikers Greet Canada Day Sunrise on North Vancouver's Mount Seymour

Additional media mentions include coverage on CBC: On The Coast with Gloria Macarenko102.7 The Peak, and Global News at 6.

Email Campaigns

Distinct Canada 150+ emails sent: 4
Total emails sent: 13,375
Total opens: 8,961 (67% open rate)
Total clicks: 1,354 (10% click rate)

MEC mentioned in all email's sent driving over 350 people to the MEC site for gear or store locations.

Demographic of Signups

With one of MEC's main missions to get a broad range of people outside, the demographic of the sign-up is a point worth emphasizing.

Number OF PEOPLE: ~1,800
YOUNGEST: 4 years old
Number OF PEOPLE OVER 50: 100
Female: 62%
Male: 37%
Average Age: 29