Chasing Sunrise

150+ Years,
One Nation,
One Sunrise.

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A Canada Day The World Will Never Forget.

For 150+ years: Strong, Glorious and Free.

In a world that is more divided than ever, we're calling Canadians everywhere to wake up, stand up, and make their freedom count.

This could be one of the biggest events on Canada Day, and it's going to be done before most of the country is even awake.

Chasing Sunrise and MEC have joined forces to bring Canadians together all over the country before the sun even rises.

We're hosting events in 10 major cities, and are calling on the entire country to wake up and chase sunrise, belting our national anthem together as a symbol of our collective gratitude for what's come before us, and as our individual declaration to keep making the next 1, 15, and 150 years even better.

This is about Canadians everywhere coming together and making our freedom count, standing for something bigger than all of us: unity, freedom and a better life for everyone.  

Our Story

Chasing Sunrise

This is a community of diverse people who don't just rise to the occasion, we rise before it. Hours before it.

Chasing Sunrise, founded by Julian DeSchutter and Gordon Swenson, was born out of a drive to get more out of life and out of ourselves, and a call to remove the barriers for as many others as possible to do the same.

It was founded two years ago under the fundamental belief that with each sunrise, we are given a choice to make: we can either stay in bed waiting for life to come to us or we can get up and get after it, chasing what we want.


Recently voted the most trusted brand in Canada, MEC inspires and enables everyone to lead active outdoor lifestyles. They do that by selling outdoor gear, clothing and services, but offer more than products, they offer passion. 

They started small: a few young climbers in the mountains who dreamed of gear that wouldn’t let them down at prices they could afford. They've grown from a few members to millions, and their interests have grown too.

What's Happening on the 1st

We will be filming in each of the 10 cities and that footage will be streamed to our team in real time.

We plan on releasing two (2) edited videos before 9am PST. Our goal is to release the first highly viewed pieces of content, which are inherently share-able due to the unique nature, the combination of production quality and raw footage, the fact that it is literally coast to coast, and because of the powerful message.

We will have two assets created and ready to share before 10am PST:

  1. A high quality produced video of clips from these events around the county
  2. A raw edit cut of UGC footage from each anthem cut together for one voice.

Ways we can share this message together:

  • We welcome camera crews onsite in the major hubs (or smaller ones at your discretion)
  • We are open for interviews
  • We can send you these assets as soon as they are ready on event day 



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Canada Day 2016

800 people, a 4km hike in the dark, <48 hours notice, 2 test cities, 1 unified voice singing our anthem at sunrise:

We knew this needed to be a Canada-wide phenomenon, so we experimented with Calgary and Toronto to see if we would get the same effect:

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Vancouver 2016


Calgary 2016



Organic Media:

Last year with 800+ people on one mountain, and with 350 people in 2015, several of our videos received upwards of 2 Million views and were picked up organically by the media.

  • Huffington Post 2016 - (with video) Our Anthem On Top Of A B.C. Mountain Is Perfect For Canada Day
  • Huffington Post 2015 - Sunrise 'O Canada' Atop Mt. Seymour Will Give You Goosebumps
  • Global News 2015 - Hundreds sing ‘O Canada’ atop B.C.’s Mt. Seymour at sunrise to celebrate Canada Day
  • Daily Hive 2016 - 800 people hiked Mt. Seymour on Canada Day to sing O Canada at Sunrise (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
  • Vancouver Sun 2015 - Video: 350 early risers celebrated Canada Day on top of Mt. Seymour

We've Taken 2017 to the next level

Canada Day 2016 was so successful,that we're not only doing it again this year, but we are taking it across Canada and we want you there with us.

Let them look to the past,
but let them also look to the future.
— - Sir Wilfred Laurier


  • 7-10 centrally planned events in major cities, Vancouver as capstone.
  • Decentralized call to Canadians everywhere to sing our anthem at sunrise, capture it, and share back to us and the world.
  • A strong focus on capturing incredible content that will spread like wildfire  


  • Because we are damn lucky to live where we live, the way we live, thanks to the heroic people who've come before us.
  • Because the strength of a country doesn't just lie within it's leaders: it lies in the leader within each of us.
  • To create a Canada Day no one will ever forget. 

Where & When

Events will range in size, from a few at Cape Spear for first light, to more than +1000 in Vancouver. Other cities are shaping up to be significant in size, likely reaching 100+ people

  • St. John's
  • Halifax - Major event
  • Montreal - Major event
  • Ottawa 
  • Toronto - Major event
  • Winnipeg
  • Edmonton
  • Calgary 
  • Vancouver - Largest event - capstone
  • Victoria


Chasing Sunrise: Gordon Swenson, Co-Founder


P: 1.778.772.5426

MEC: Andrew Sutherland, Public Relations


P: 1.778.320.4291