Chasing Sunrise

150 Years,
One Nation,
One Sunrise.

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A Canada Day The World Will Never Forget.

For 150 years: Strong, Glorious and Free.

For 150 years, what has made this country incredible is the unified will of a diverse population - all living for a unified cause: freedom, dignity, and a better life for all.

This Canada Day, to celebrate 150 years of independence, compassion and strength as a nation, we are calling on the entire country to wake up and chase sunrise, belting our national anthem together as a symbol of our collective gratitude, and as our individual declarations to keep making the next 1, 15, and 150 years even better. 


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Canada's Greatest Canadians, Canada's Greatest Brands:

Waking up and coming together to create a Canada Day
that inspires the world:

We're blessed with the globally heralded Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
At CS we feel that a Charter of Responsibilities and Duties could be summed up in one statement: Wake up every day and #MakeItCount.

From first light in St. John's, ending with a final west coast sunrise in Victoria, this will be an experience that unites the entire country around our national values.

There will be centrally organized Chasing Sunrise events in major cities, along with a decentralized call to all Canadians around the country (and the world) to get out with their communities and chase sunrise: capturing and sharing their experiences (photo/videos) both back to us, and out to the world over social media.

When we do this right, this will make national international news: inspiring the world with what it means to stand for the goodness in all of us, instead of for the greatness of a few.

Canada Day 2016

800 people, a 4km hike in the dark, <48 hours notice, 2 test cities, 1 unified voice singing our anthem at sunrise:

We knew this needed to be a Canada-wide phenomenon, so we experimented with Calgary and Toronto to see if we would get the same effect:

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Vancouver 2016


Calgary 2016



Let's Take 2017 to the next level

Canada Day 2016 was so successful,that we're not only doing it again this year, but we are taking it across Canada and we want you there with us.

Let them look to the past,
but let them also look to the future.
— - Sir Wilfred Laurier


  • 5-7 centrally planned events in major cities, with a major focus of resources on Vancouver and Ottawa. 
  • Decentralized call to Canadians everywhere to sing our anthem at sunrise, capture it, and share back to us and the world.
  • A strong focus on capturing incredible content that will spread like wildfire (airplane flyover already secured for Vancouver.)    


  • Because we are damn lucky to live where we live, the way we live, thanks to the heroic people who've come before us.
  • Because the strength of a country doesn't just lie within it's leaders: it lies in the leader within each of us.
  • To create a Canada Day no one will ever forget. 

Where & When

  • Halifax
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa - Major Hub - est. 250+ people 
  • Toronto - Major Hub - est. 250+ people 
  • Calgary - Major Hub - est. 250+ people 
  • Vancouver - Major Hub - est. 1500+ people
  • Victoria

Bringing This
To Life


What We'll Bring:

The community, the promotion, and the heavy lifting.

While this will be a team effort in so many ways, Chasing Sunrise will take care of the heavy lifting, the pre-and-post-event promotional strategy + execution, access to our community, and then working together to spread the content we capture across the country (and the world). 

  • Event planning, management and execution.

  • Digital asset planning, capture, management and roll-out.

  • The mobilization mass amounts of people.


What We'll Need.

A group of partners committed to working together toward this vision: 

While we will take care of as much of the heavy lifting, planning and execution as possible, this will need to be a unified effort among some of Canada's greatest brands: 

  • Cover funding for Hard Costs (Permitting, Insurance, safety, Event Management)

  • Contribute resources (Gear, equipment and Event Supplies)

  • Remove barriers (Garner stakeholder support, open doors) 

  • Amplify the experience (Bring Your core competencies to make this special) 

  • Build a badass team together (volunteers and staff across all locations) 



The Collab:

The impact and reach of this event is going to be massive.

We usually detail an extensive set of benefits to come from an event partnership, and while we will work with you to tailor your presence and ensure desired impact, this is one event that will speak for itself just by virtue of us working together to create it. 

TITLE Partner - $25K

  • Event created in partnership with _______ :
    • i.e. "Chasing Sunrise x Roots Canada Day"
  • Front and center in all promotion and social effforts
  • Work with us to create custom content for the event
  • Work with us to create custom activations for your brand
  • Ability to provide community with discount codes
  • Inclusion in access to digital assets

CORE Partner - $10K

  • Core partnership recognized in all media, communication and promotion.
  • Work with us to create custom activations for your brand
  • Included in content shoots for the event
  • Ability to provide the community with discount codes
  • Inclusion in and access to digital assets 

FRIENDS - $5K + InKind

  • Recognized in select media and social promotion 
  • Experiential presence in specific locations
  • Included in digital asset plan and shared on relevant assets