Chasing Sunrise

21Damn Early Days:


Born Out Of Necessity For Two.
Grown Into a Movement For Thousands.

Come the for ride with us
And Let's Build A Movement Together

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The Gist:

This is a high-trust, high-engagement community who are making changes In behaviour.

We won't work with everyone, but your brand fits, And we'd love to get you on their radar in an authentic way.

Without very little marketing, we have hundreds of engaged people actively using this application and program. 

They are all waking up together at 4:30AM, to get after their goals, for 21 Weekdays each month.

It is more than "an app": this is an adaptive system that takes humans as they really are and leverages the power of technology / community / events / content.

To make real change, you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and take humans as they are. 

And it's only getting bigger: we anticipate an exponential jump in January.

Let's partner-up, combine forces, combine communities, and have a real impact on people's lives:


Things That Have Impact:

Events and Experiences:
Think providing regular or special event fitness (Yoga, Spin, Crossfit, Meditation etc),  fun things to do, coffee shops, education, speaker events...

Nutrition, Gear & Goods:
Think giveaways / discount codes on athletic gear, supplements, meal prep/delivery, coffee/tea beverages, tech and applications that make peoples lives better...

Community or Corporate:
Think cross-pollination, and using this movement to help catalyze a positive shift in your work space or community while growing the movement as a whole...

How we can Help You:

Create Customers:
The environment is high trust, and the participants are highly engaged and making life changes. We can help them engage with your brand to improve their lives. 

Funnel People To Your Brand / Space:
We can help funnel our high trust community into your space and help grow a community around your brand. (If the offering is solid of course).

Content Distribution:
We have content going out every day on multiple channels. We can include your messaging, or have you create a piece for the community. (blog, video, webinar, speaking)

A Framework to Create Change:
Have your people, patrons or teams participate in this, re-align around your shared values, and create new common as well as individual goals. Setting an example for the community at large and earning even more respect for your brand.

Formal Partnerships / Alignment:  
If this all hits home, and you believe in the vision, we'd love to create a formal partnership where we take this to the next level.

If you're down to collab on this call or text me (Gordon) at 778.772.5426 or 

PS it works - here are some testimonials - people have written 500,000 word novels, quit their jobs, quit smoking, started businesses, made monumental health changes, and taken their lives back.



How It
All Began

And How Chasing Sunrise Was Born

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We were stuck in life &
determined to find a way out.


Day 1 - mission accomplished
Day 2-21 - couldn't have done it alone
Day 22 - the first 'Chasing Sunrise'

The freedom we found was everything we were looking for.


Since then we've only looked back
To see how many other people
We can bring along with us.


The Vision:

Helping The World Wake Up

& Chase What Matters To Them

Because Nothing Can Change The World More
Than People Everywhere Waking Up And Making It Count.


20160701 - Kiefer Irvine-11.jpg

To impact as many people as possible we built a system under these principles:


1 Power of Community > Power of Technology

No contest. No industry, information or technology exits without the light or power of human consciousness. 
Humans aligned and helping each other are the most powerful forces known to us. 

2 Power of An Adaptive System > Power of An App

App culture is toxic. It's lazy. Simplistic. And it promises things like "productivity". But humans are complicated.
We wanted to build something that rolls with the complexity of being human: 
That means we have events, community interaction, content, program facilitation, social accountability... AND an app. 

3 Power of Setting People Free > Power of Time On-Site

With the best behavioural psychologists in the world working day-in-day-out to keep us on-site longer and longer,
People are craving a compelling force to come in and offer a better solution: one that can pry them away from the grip of the dopamine dealers.  


At the core, Chasing Sunrise is a human potential company.

Experiences are just one way we get people there.

When we polled the 500+ participants this January, we found out something that hits close to home for us. People, by and large, gave themselves a 5/10 when asked if they were living up to their potential:

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 9.39.10 AM.png

"Do you feel like you are living up to your potential" 

AVG. of 500 people:  4.89/10


Stop for a second.

Think about this stat. (4.89/10) These people ranked their lives and living up to their potential with an 'F' average.

we're failing ourselves and each other.

Let's take action together on something we know works.  

You're here because we believe the same things and are ultimately on the same mission.
Let's find a way to combine our communities and create something that was bigger than we could each do alone.

We'll bring the engaged and focused community, you bring whatever you do best and let's make everyone's lives better than any of us could do alone.  


What's Your Jam?

We're open to anything you think could provide value, here are some options:

Canada Day CS - Kiefer.jpg

RAD Activities, Fitness & SPACES

Events and Experiences: Think providing regular or special event fitness (Yoga, Spin, Crossfit, Meditation etc etc),  fun things to do, coffee shops, education, speaker events etc


Amazing products & Things 

Nutrition, Gear & Goods: Think giveaways or discount codes on athletic gear, supplements, meal prep/delivery, coffee/tea beverages, tech and applications that make peoples lives better.



Community & Corporate

Community or Corporate: Think cross-pollination, and, or, using this movement to help catalyze a positive shift in your own work spaces or community.


Other Areas That Will Move The Needle


Content Creation

We have a thirst for great content and know that other people can often do it better than we can. 

Sharing, MediA & PR

In the world today, thousands of people waking up early and all making themselves better humans is aspirational for some and inspiring for many.

Food, Nutrition & 

Duh! These people are going through the fire every month. Any surprise / delight contributions or gifts would blow their minds.

Join Us

We have huge ambition and a vision for unlocking the potential in people everywhere. If you feel the same way, have an expertise, and are willing to work to back it up, let's do cool things together. 

Step 3. Let's Chat & Rap Ideas

Oct 2nd is coming soon - so let's chat on the phone or over a coffee, and start creating an experience together that no one will regret. But if you need more time, we're only gaining speed with this. 


Our Channels: A Small Piece

Our goal has always been to have our channels just be an element of the reach CS has:

our team, our content producers, and our community who believe in what we are all doing together, add up to something much more than a collection of impressions, likes and comments on one channel.
Here's what we have:

Social Channels Followers Avg. Likes Engagement %
Instagram 44k 2k 6.25
Twitter 2.1k 20 4.5
Snapchat N/A 650 views N/A
Facebook 7.3k 32 6.2
Mailing List Subscribers Open Rate Click Rates Long Survey Resp. %
14k 52% 10% 30%

Facebook Demographics

Who We've Worked With

How can we genuinely help each other have a positive impact in a way that people give a sh!t, remember you and are never being "sold" to.