Chasing Sunrise

The World is Searching for A Life Well Lived


We're helping them chase it.


How We Do That

A Sustainable Strategy:

That starts with People being #1: 

We're committed, above everything, to building a high-trust, self-propagating community. Full stop.

2. DRAW PEOPLE IN: Unique experiences You'll Never Forget

Creating experiences people will never forget, can't help but share, feel healthy FOMO for missing out on.

 3. A LIFE WORTH SHARING: Quality content

It's what draws people in, communicates the message. We work with some of the most talented content producers around. 

4. give people shifts:

It's about way more than just rad times and pretty pictures: we create programs that legitimately help people grow into the person they want to be.   

The Experiences:

When you experience something, all the words fall away and you just get it.
Collaborations are powerful way to amplify an experience.
We're always open to partnering with great brands we trust to make these moments even more memorable for everyone. 


Ally Pintucci - CS Hut Trip (1of1).jpg

#Chasecamp / #HutTrip

An immersive experience that takes people out of their comfort zone, gets them to experience what real connection is all about, and helps them remember what it means to #MakeItCount.

Canada Day 150

One Nation - One Day - One Sunrise
From first light on the east coast to final sunrise on the west coast, we're working with some big partners to bring the entire nation together.



We're devoted to people getting more out of life. Every. Damn. Week. We plan rad adventures for our community to come together and create memories that make their 9-5 selves proud.  


20160701 - Ivan Calderon-20.jpg

Our Channels: A Small Piece

Our goal has always been to have our channels just be an element of the reach CS has:

our team, our content producers, and our community who believe in what we are all doing together, add up to something much more than a collection of impressions, likes and comments on one channel.
Here's what we have:

Social Channels Followers Avg. Likes Engagement %
Instagram 48k 2k 6.25
Twitter 2.1k 20 4.5
Snapchat N/A 650 views N/A
Facebook 7.3k 32 6.2
Mailing List Subscribers Open Rate Click Rates Long Survey Resp. %
14k 52% 10% 30%

Facebook Demographics

Who We've Worked With

How can we genuinely help each other have a positive impact in a way that people give a sh!t, remember you and are never being "sold" to.